Dr. Kate James
“Liz gives an extraordinary blend of spirituality , wisdom, pragmatism and humour to all she meets . Her mere presence gives a loving and nurturing space in which people feel immediately at ease , more attuned to who they really are, and what they are actually seeking. This can support their growth in the most difficult and challenging of circumstances. I feel enormously privileged to work and teach alongside Liz and share her inspiring passion for embracing the concept that no single part of a human being can be understood except in its relation to the whole.” Dr. Kate James, Integrative Medical Doctor and Joint Course Director of Integrative Medical options teaching at Newcastle Upon -Tyne Medical School.

Dr. Anthea Jackson
“Liz took me on a very powerful and transformative journey into myself which was profoundly healing and nurturing. She guided me gently and firmly using visualisations which involved all my senses and allowed me to be an active participant. I gained insight and understanding into my problems and was able to move forward in a very positive way. Liz has a very caring and professional manner and I thoroughly recommend her work.” Dr Anthea Jackson, MBBS, Bi-Aura and Nutritional Therapist and grateful client.

Anne, Holland
“Through meeting you and attending your workshop I so radically changed all the ongoing chatter in my head. I actually feel light and love. It is amazing. When people as me how are you? I say I am great! And I mean it! It’s like all the heaviness and sadness fell off me. And it feels so light”. Anne, Holland

“Liz has been a mentor and teacher to me for over ten years and by visiting Liz, attending her courses and practising techniques, I have learnt how to move past difficult situations, relax more and trust my intuition. Liz has taught me techniques for dealing with daily stresses, both at work and in my personal life. Her techniques have grounded me, calmed me, encouraged me to look at other points of view and most importantly think about my desired outcome. I trust Liz, she is very open minded and understanding. She has a real gift for ‘getting it’ and being able to see the bigger picture on what really is going on. She is extremely knowledgeable, an inspirational lady, who makes amazing things happen.” Julie

Trish Daly
I had wanted to do a healing course for many years but every time I went looking for a teacher other things came along and I ended up not doing it.

Two years ago I found out about Liz Weir and her School of Healing and I applied for the course. I’m a firm believer that things happen when the time is right.

The last two years have been such a wonderful experience. I have learned so much and especially learned a lot about myself. Liz has opened my mind and my heart and she has taught me to trust in myself and that anything is possible. She is an amazing lady, who is always there to help you on every step of your journey. Doing the healing course has been such a rewarding experience for me.

Trish Daly – February 2017

“Since meeting Liz two years ago my approach to my life and health has changed so dramatically. Liz has enabled me to learn to love, honour and respect myself and to realise the amazing part I play in my own life! As a teacher Liz is wonderful – she supports her students and helps us to realise what is within us all. I would definitely recommend Liz – your life will never be the same again!” Madeleine.

Saskia, Amsterdam
“Liz was very loving and wise in the way she conducted the workshop. What I discovered during the day is a new dimension in how to use affirmations in my life and really choose from within the healthier thoughts. At the end of the day I received a personal healing. I never had one before and was impressed by what it did. Even though Liz did not touch me I could feel her hands go over me and felt pressure and warmth and it seemed like a lot of stuff from the past was resolved some-how.” Saskia, Amsterdam

Sophie, Paris
“Healing sessions with Liz are always an amazing experience for me. This time, I went to see her with a tooth infection even though my dentist, who believes in energy healing, told me it would never heal any other way than opening the tooth and injecting products to clear out the infection. Liz first brought me back to a memory when I was 8 years old which seemed to be the starting point of this infection and then did hands on healing on my jaws and my entire body. She told me my body would need a month to heal and that I should wait this time before checking again with my dentist. When I went back and told him what I did with Liz, he told me that there would be no sign of improvement after just one month since according to his experience, it takes 6 months for signs of healing to show after the treatment of an infected tooth. Guess what? Healing was definitely showing. My dentist couldn’t believe it. I’m really grateful I can turn to Liz to prevent me from painful sessions at the dentist or at the doctor! I warmly recommend her”. Sophie, Paris