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Foundation Certificate in Energy Healing

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The Foundation Certificate in Energy Healing has been developed for those individuals who seek a deeper understanding of the Healing Arts, perhaps (but not essentially) having already learned or experienced some healing themselves and who are ready to take up the challenge of self-enquiry that always precedes a period of spiritual growth.

Through this new course now offered by the Northumbria School of Healing, we will focus on simplicity and demonstrate the basic standards of healing practice required by the major healing organisations such as The Healing Trust, and the Guild of Professional Healers. Students will learn how to develop a personal meditative practice; they will learn to listen to their inner voice and explore the subtle messages from the body.

Our success and ability as energy healers can often be related to the level to which we are prepared to examine and deal with our own issues, and it is therefore essential that we learn, through our own shared experience, a variety of proven healing methods which are designed to help us grow and develop our own inner presence. These will include mindfulness meditation, EFT Tapping, Chakra work and emotional Journey work — which are all designed to help achieve the release of deeply held tensions, beliefs or trauma in order to reach a deep state of rest in our physical body. This accelerates the body’s natural capacity for physical and emotional healing. Students will be encouraged to develop a deeper sense of self-awareness while supporting others in this profound experiential programme.

This in-depth training will provide cutting-edge techniques to clear and balance one’s own energy field. This will provide participants with greater peace of mind, profound states of wellbeing and will give a deeper connection to their own innate wisdom and spiritual core.

Once these techniques are learned and applied, students will find it easy to work intuitively with others — and guide them into a place of healing and alignment. This is profoundly life changing work, and you will find, as I have, a deep sense of privilege when someone shares their deepest life issues in a healing environment that you have helped to create.
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Science has finally caught up with what philosophers and mystics have been teaching for millennia. We have known for a considerable time that everything is energy. Everything – from the atoms in our body, to the chair we are now sitting on, to the TV screen etc., everything is energy. We also know that we live in a dualistic world, part physical and part energetic. In order to learn how to heal ourselves and others effectively, and function powerfully in the world we need to understand and consciously work with our own energy field.

Participants on the course will learn how to apply these techniques in a way that will liberate them from the old energy of the subconscious thought patterns and behaviours that have held them stuck in the past, always resulting in a return to the same place and struggle. We will do this by working together to identify any blocks to health and well-being that have developed over time, any limitations that keep you from the life you desire and deserve – and to clear them so that you can move through them to a deeper more meaningful way of being at peace with yourself, and hence, with the world. This process of deep experiential learning is one of gentle unfolding into the truth of who you really are, and it will be a liberating, joyful and life-changing experience for you as you allow yourself to experience your truth as a spark of the infinite divine intelligence which connects us all.

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