Life Coaching

I have been a coach for many years, having trained and developed in this field in the business world. However, what I learned from all of those years of helping people in a business/work setting, was that the common denominator in the majority of cases, was low self esteem and a need for a deeper level of self awareness and understanding when their lives, professionally and personally, were no longer sustainable or healthy. The huge changes and shifts taking place in the world today can leave us feeling alienated and separated from our sense of self. Coaching helps us identify and change the core of those challenging situations. When we align with our deep spiritual core and inner guidance, it helps us dramatically increase our personal and professional effectiveness. A more beautiful, wise and peaceful expression of us emerges, without effort or resistance, just naturally.

”Your life is a reflection of what you believe. Your beliefs are 95% subconscious – this means we are not even aware of them. They are the cumulative effect of life-long programming”.
Bruce Lipton – The Biology of Belief.

Our beliefs are the building blocks of our reality as our life experiences serve to reinforce those assumptions and preferences. We must be prepared to dig deep to discover the core issues that have surfaced as symptoms.

“Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. But you are eternity and you are the mirror”
Khalil Gibran’s “The Prophet”